Customer Rules Of Conduct

Customer Rules of Conduct

The library is for all members of the community. We are committed to providing excellent services and resources to our customers and ensuring that everyone who uses the library has a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience.

Use of library facilities and resources implies acceptance of our Customer Rules of Conduct, which are based on these basic principles:
Respect other customers and their right to have a positive experience of the library.
Respect library staff whose responsibility it is to help you get the most from your library experience and to maintain a safe and comfortable atmosphere for all customers.
Respect all library facilities, materials, computers, equipment, and resources, and understand and follow rules related to their use.
Understand that your library card is your contract with the library. Use it responsibly, enjoy the benefits it offers, and understand when its privileges may be suspended.
Children under the age of 9 should be attended at all times by a parent, caregiver, or someone over the age of 13 who has the authority to look after them. Library staff are not responsible for children left unattended or without supervision in the library.

Protect your personal property while in the library or on library property. The library cannot take responsibility for lost or stolen property

When questionable or inappropriate behaviors occur:

Library staff members have the authority to enforce the Customer Rules of Conduct.
Depending on the nature and frequency of the behavior, consequences may include loss of library privileges for a specified period of time.
Staff may call upon law enforcement to assist in managing some situations, including removing and/or arresting for trespassing customers who have been banned from library property and return before the ban has expired.
Staff may at any time request customers to show library cards and other documents (driver's license, school ID, e.g.) for purposes of identification.

Unacceptable behaviors include but are not limited to:

Bathing in or misusing library restrooms
Behaving in a violent or threatening manner
Bringing animals, other than guide dogs, in the building
Creating a public disturbance, e.g. talking loudly in conversation or on cell phones, loud ringing of cell phones, rowdiness in behavior, failure to observe "Quiet areas", using electronic devices such as CD players without headphones
Engaging in any activity or behavior that violates local ordinances or is illegal under state or federal law, e.g., smoking in building, panhandling, possession of firearms or
weapons, assault, etc.
Failing to attend a child under 9 years of age
Failing to follow rules relating to use of materials, computers, equipment, and building
Interfering with free passage (blocking entrances or exits)
Not wearing shirts or shoes or removing shirts or shoes
Offending others with body odor or poor personal hygiene
Parking bicycles in the building, using bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, or other sports equipment in the building or near entrances or exits
Sleeping in the library or on library property
Stealing, mutilating, or defacing library materials and property
Using alcohol or illegal drugs or behaving as though under the influence
Using obscene or abusive language
Verbally abusing or harassing staff
Smoking, blocking the entrance, including the sidewalk, solicitation and loitering
outside the Main Library in Downtown Salisbury.

Keep your public library safe, comfortable, and enjoyable for everyone,
and help us fulfill our commitment to
Supporting Learning, Building Community, and Enriching Lives.

Approved by Board of Trustees, December 13, 2005
Amended and Approved by Board of Trustees, October 12, 2010