Holiday Closing

In observance of Memorial Day, Wicomico Public Library will be closed on Sunday, May 26th, and Monday, May 27th.

EDI Statement

The vision of the Wicomico County Public Libraries is "to be an inclusive and welcoming institution meeting the diverse needs of its communities.”

As trusted centers of learning in the life of our community, Wicomico Public Libraries serve a unique role in promoting understanding, cooperation, and civility. We provide resources and access to information for all and foster opportunities for understanding our diverse society. Our role is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and respectful conversations about social equity in our community and broader society. We are committed to these principles in all facets of our work: through our programs, collections, methods of community outreach, partnerships, displays, and recruiting and employment practices.

In the spirit of upholding our vision, we therefore recognize the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion and are committed to educating ourselves and the community on these topics. The Library strives to be an equitable, diverse, and inclusive resource for people of all ages, all cultural backgrounds, all ethnicities, all national origins, all races, all religions, and for all people whatever their sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, political belief, or veteran status. The Library is committed to serving and providing equal access to people with disabilities and to people in our community who speak languages other than English.

The Library believes that "statement without action accomplishes nothing"; therefore, we commit to:

  • Seeking diverse Library Board members and Friends of the Libraries to reflect the communities we serve
  • Recruiting and retaining qualified staff from marginalized and underrepresented populations to reflect the communities we serve
  • Training Board members, staff, and volunteers at all levels on the topics of equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Ensuring the Mobile Services Branch delivers library services to underserved populations who might not otherwise have access to our fixed branches
  • Making technology accessible to help bridge the digital divide
  • Exploring and providing appropriate materials and technology to better serve people with a diverse range of cognitive, physical, sensory, and mental disabilities
  • Communicating through a variety of mediums in order to reach all of our communities
  • Building resources and support for non-English Language Speakers and English Language Learners in our community
  • Treating all community members, and our co-workers and volunteers, with respect, fairness, and good faith
  • Maintaining conditions that safeguard the rights and welfare of employees, patrons, and visitors
  • Recognizing the history of social injustices in Wicomico County and providing materials and programming to educate and advance equity, diversity, and inclusion in our community

We recognize the past and existing systemic racial injustices experienced by people of color:

  • We recognize that our branches are located on land that once belonged to indigenous peoples of the Lower Eastern Shore
  • We recognize that these lands were developed in part by the uncompensated and forced labor of enslaved Black people
  • We recognize the social reckoning brought on by the ongoing violence being directed at marginalized communities

In addition, the Wicomico Public Libraries supports the Maryland Library Association's Statement Against Racism.

We recognize that there is no “finish line,” but rather a continuous process of teaching, learning, and striving towards equity, diversity, and inclusion.

By adopting this statement, Wicomico Public Libraries staff and the Board of Trustees pledge to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in our culture, policies, and practices.